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Wedding Trends 2016

Are you the bride that is in search of whats trending for your wedding year of 2016? Well if so this is the blog for you. This blog will discuss what we have seen trending and what other professionals in the industry are saying "whats hot and trending for 2016." We are seeing more and more brides going with "Cascade Bouquets" as seen in the picture above to the left. This type of style of bouqet continues to grow in populatiry for brides and truly makes a statement. Are you a fan of this hand held bouquet? How about an all white wedding or do you perfer splashes of color? Wedding Professionals have commented on how all white weddings are timeless and can make a bold romantic statement. Pictured above in the middle is an all white wedding. I don't know about you but looking at that picture it looks pretty romantic and elegant with those lovely all white hydrangea!!! Our final picture and trend we will discuss is adding in that splash of color and the garden wedding theme. We are seeing more brides venture outside of the box and take on fun themes like "garden party" and adding extra decor to their special day to carry out their special theme. The Color Marketing Group has released their forcast of color trends for spring and summer of 2016 and they are seeing lots of red undertones that include pinks and purples. With 2016 right around the corner its good to see all the diverse trends and directions one could choose to make their special day memorable. Keep an eye on our blog for more Wedding Flower Tips to help you in your planning process. Most importantly have fun and enjoy, it goes by so fast!

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